What is webPD?
The online portal to literacy training from Smekens Education, webPD provides engaging video seminars on today’s most relevant reading and writing topics for K-12 teachers.

What does a subscription include?
Site-wide subscriptions provide on-demand access to our entire library of literacy training videos. With more than 50 videos for teachers across the K-12 spectrum, webPD also provides a downloadable handout to accompany each session.

Who is allowed to watch?
Any staff member within your school building may be given access to your video subscription. Simply share the username and password for your webPD account. District-wide pricing is also available. Please contact our office to get the details, (888) 376-0448.

Who is NOT allowed to watch?
Sharing access to your webPD subscription(s) with anyone outside of your school building is strictly prohibited. A violation of this policy will result in a non-refundable cancellation of any and all active subscriptions.

How much does it cost?
A 7-day subscription starts at $125.

How often are new videos added?
The team at Smekens Education is working year-round to add new videos to webPD. If you would like to be notified when new videos are added, simply drop us an email at

Can I get continuing education credits for watching webPD videos?
WebPD does not currently offer “proof of participation” to individual viewers. However, for each video, we are happy to offer schools a customized completion certificate that may be completed by the school administrator. Ask your sales rep for more details.

Who subscribes to webPD?
While anyone can subscribe to our on-demand videos, subscriptions are typically purchased by the principal or other literacy leaders on behalf of a school.

Subscription Info
How long does a subscription last?
Depending on your school’s PD goals and budget, a video subscription can run from 7 days to a full year.

When does the subscription begin?
When you pay with a credit card, you can start your subscription immediately. Or, if you want to schedule a subscription, complete and return our printable PDF order form along with a school or district purchase order.

How do I pay?
A variety of payment options are available, including credit card, purchase order, or even personal check.

What if my subscription ends before I watch my video(s)?
When a subscription ends, videos will no longer be viewable. As you select your subscription length, make sure you can allocate sufficient time to watch/share before the subscription expires. You are welcome to subscribe multiple times.

Individual videos
How long does it take to watch a video?
Most pre-recorded video seminars last between 45-60 minutes. However, if you watch with colleagues and take advantage of the “Turn & Talk” discussions, the increased time will vary. If watching one of our “Big Ideas” videos, most of those video clips are 5 minutes or less. (The duration of the video is always listed beneath the title.)

How many times can I watch a video?

During the length of your subscription, you can view our entire video library over and over again – as often as you’d like!

Is it possible to preview a webPD video?
Absolutely! To schedule a preview, call webPD toll free, (888) 376-0448, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. EST Monday-Friday. We will be happy to arrange a sneak peek of webPD.

What resources come with each video?
Each of the "breakout style" webPD videos include a downloadable PDF handout which contains an outline of the video content and ample space for viewers to take notes during the presentation. We recommend that viewers print this file prior to watching the video.

What technology do I need?
All you need is an internet connection and an internet-connected device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How fast does my broadband internet connection need to be to watch instantly?
Watching instantly works on all different levels of broadband; however, we recommend a minimum speed of 750 kbps.

Can I watch instantly on my computer?
Yes, simply open your internet browser on your internet-connected PC or Mac, type in, and you’re there!

How fast will the video start playing?
Fast. Videos should start playing in seconds, but it will depend on the speed of your internet broadband connection.

Can I watch instantly on my smartphone or tablet, too?
Yes, as a subscriber, you can watch on your iPad or iPhone, as well as your Android or Windows phone or tablet.

If I'm having difficulty playing my video, what do I do? There could be a number of reasons for this issue. First, try logging out of the account and then logging back in. If you continue to have problems, try using a different web browser and checking your bandwidth.